E-reader Questions

A quick post here for Writing Wednesday. I’ve got a question for any of you that use some sort of e-reader (Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other).

Have you found many formatting problems? If so, do they affect your enjoyment in reading?

I’m reading a book originally published in 2006 on my Nook. There are a lot of little formatting errors that have started to really distract me. Some of the goofs affect the gap that comes up when the author changes POV characters. It has left me going back on occasion to see which character is speaking, because I missed the change.

I’m wondering if the problem stems from a book from this author’s catalog being quickly converted to be purchased on an e-reader. I haven’t noticed such a problem on recently released books.

Any Kindle readers out there – have you noticed a similar problem?

Just trying to get a handle on whether this is a common issue or not, and people’s feelings on it. If this were a frequent problem, I wouldn’t keep buying e-books. So far this book is the worst I’ve experienced, but I’ve seen other problems before.

Any other thoughts on e-readers? Please share. We can complain together.