Bring Back Our Girls

The tragedy is unthinkable.bbog

Three hundred girls – teenagers who are the hope of their villages and pride of their families – ripped from their school by terrorists posing as the soldiers who should protect them from the terrorists.

The horror that the girls and their families in Nigeria are dealing with is truly terrible. We complain in the West about so many things, but how often does something of this magnitude happen?

It is heartening to see the world shine a light on Nigeria and put pressure to get them back from the monsters known as Boko Haram. It shows the power of social media to amplify something until it is picked up by the wider world.

A key is to keep this in the spotlight so people can pray and continue to advocate until all the girls are home. Western media is so quick to move onto the next big outrage, so it is imperative that we keep bringing up these girls and not back down.

If you want to talk about this on social media, use the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls.

Thanks for taking a moment to remember those who need deliverance in such a hard time.

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A New Home

What do you do for an encore?

Welcome to the new Spoiled For The Ordinary 2.0. I’ve been hanging out at my old location since ’06, but it was time for an upgrade. So here I am on WordPress, ready to go.

I’ve grown so much since I started to blog. I guess it is time for this to do so as well.

I will continue to talk about issues of faith as well as the ins and outs of fiction. Oh, and I like to have some fun in between. That’s the focus of the blog: faith, fiction, and fun.

As I looked back to my first post, this line stuck out to me:

 I serve a big God, a God of adventure and life. I serve in His kingdom, and because of that reason alone, I have been “spoiled for the ordinary”.

That still sums up what I want to do here.

To celebrate, I want to give something away.

I’ve got a brand new copy of Captives, the first book in the YA dystopian series by awesome author Jill Williamson. She’s crafted a great story, and I want people to know about it.

All you have to do is leave a comment on any post from now until May 19th. I’ll choose a random winner to receive Captives.

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s not be satisfied with ordinary. Let’s do this.